We are very pleased to announce the Full Agenda with Speaker and Talk Title details for our event this Wednesday 17th July, hosted by Gallup at the Shard, London. This Directors’ Forum event is focused on AI & CX Transforming Retail and Customer Data.

Click here for the Full Agenda Speakers and Talk Titles including the following:

Opening Keynote from Mary Wallace Under the Pvcement, The Beach!
We need a revolution in the customer experience of data.Your customer experience of a product, service or place is dependent on the ‘data capital’ you have accumulated – or not – and how the ‘gatekeeper’ recognises you. But this goes beyond just products and services: We will explore how your ‘data capital’ affects every aspect of your lived experience of a city, a journey and as a citizen – and ask “What needs to change and why?”

Are People Machines by Tom Pickering Retail Turnaround CEO. Portfolio Chair & CEO at Winning Thinking
Tom will share a few retail case studies to illustrate a retail business turnaround and psychology perspective of how: tech; data; automation; customer experience; the macro/micro challenges, contribute to forming an enduring retail business model. The psychology: are AI and tech paradigms aligned? – 3 Case Studies data, customer experience and tech in retail turnaround – Systemic threats and solutions to retail PROFIT – Mega Trends and China – 15 Case studies in 3 minutes: why does it matter if “people are machines?”

Retail Workplace Cultures That Win in the Era of Automation and AI by Marc Janoff, Senior Consultant at Gallup
With automation and AI as an inevitable part of the retail landscape, how can leaders and managers assemble an agile culture that leverages the advantages of automation and AI?


Intellectual Property and AI in the Retail Sector by Karl Barnfather, Chairman and Patent Attorney at Withers & Rogers LLP
Many aspects of AI development in the retail sector are protectable in law through Intellectual Property (IP) rights. The presentation will provide details of appropriate IP rights in the retail and customer data sectors, and what developers should do to ensure their right do not slip through the net into becoming freely available to competitors. A practical approach will be provided to assist companies in identifying their rights, understanding the limits of the protection available and developing an IP strategy which is complementary to their business objectives.


The event is a great opportunity to also network during the coffee and lunch breaks, plus we have our sponsor ThoughtSpot and partner Affiniti showcasing their latest technologies.


To reserve your space (we only have limited number of spaces at the venue), please Click here for your ticket

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday