Demystifying AI for Customer Engagement
Neel Davda, Head of Sales, UKI, Bold360

This session will walk you through why companies are (or should be) investing in AI technology across their customer experience, how is it driving better efficiency, and the best way to approach it to ensure the fastest time-to-value. You will learn about:
• Why now is the right time to invest in AI
• How companies are investing in AI and the business impact
• Examples of success and the dramatic results companies are seeing in just a few weeks

With over a decade of experience advising b2b organisations with the aim of vastly improving their customer’s value and satisfaction, Neel is a passionate, collaborative, fast learning leader in the Bold360ai EMEA team at LogMeIn.
As part of the Bold360ai EMEA team, Neel spends a lot of time assisting new companies on the deployment of Bold360ai. Bold360ai is a complete omni-channel CX solution with the fastest time-to-value. Bold360ai leverages A.I and NLU to make every customer interaction more personalised and contextual.