Is Your Culture Ready for the AI Era?
Maria Semykoz, Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Every day, Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more accessible, scalable and affordable. Disruption isn’t a possibility. It’s an inevitability. And business leaders should start preparing for it now.

To successfully transform your organization into one that is empowered and ready for the AI disruption, focus on enhancing these five aspects of your culture:

  • People can work toward a vision and build teams, create projects and set priorities according to that vision
  • People can ask open questions
  • People can effectively deal with extreme unpredictability and uncertainty
  • Ethics is part of everyone’s daily decision-making
  • Workplace relations are based on trust and win-win thinking

Maria combines expertise in data analytics, workplace productivity and behavioural economics to lead Gallup’s workplace analytics design practice in Europe. She’s actively engaged in helping organisations across all industries harness the power of data and AI technologies to create workplaces that attract, retain, engage and nurture the best talent by adopting datadriven decision making in their people strategy and day-to-day operations