Atom. The telepathic bank

Stewart Bromley, Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank

Launched in April this year Atom says its vision is to be the world’s first telepathic bank, and is using machine learning to deliver an exceptional and highly individual experience to customers via its ‘bank in your pocket’ mobile app.  By revealing the key design constructs that underpin the Atom app and demonstrating some of its smartest functionality Stewart will explain how Atom is providing truly helpful banking services for ‘digital first’ consumers and creating a whole new value proposition for the banking industry.

  • Letting customers do their banking – self-help approaches that let customers call the shots
  • We know who you are – using contextual insights to personalise the customer experience
  • Next best action – applying predictive analytics to drive proactive communication
  • Learning as we go – how the Atom app is evolving in line with customers’ usage patterns

In its first year of operation Atom has made No.8 in the ‘Global Fintech Innovators 100’ list and is expected by many to bring serious disruption to the UK financial services industry. Stewart has worked with Atom since 2014, helping to design and bring to fruition the operating model for its entirely digital, insight driven service proposition.  He has 29 years’ experience as a change leader and digital innovator, 12 of which have been spent working with leading financial institutions including First Direct, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and Nationwide.